Rich girl Code Cheat Sheet


From the pages of RICH GIRL CODE

Chapter 1 – Page 26: Being CONSISTENT and staying focused is really the key to success no matter what you decide to do.

We can’t keep procrastinating saying that we are going to do something and never do it and expect some type of results. That’s considered self sabotage.

Starting a business and becoming your own boss is one of the ULTIMATE cheat codes to generating generational wealth, Freedom, and sustainability. You can literally create a side hustle then turn it into a full-time business and turn your entire life around.

Of course it won’t happen overnight but that’s ok. Greatness takes time.

Your future, and dreams deserve that time and energy needed to become a reality.

no one is going to do that for you. It’s literally up to you to make this happen.

You can’t pass down a 9-5 and you can’t save your way to becoming well off. It all comes down to being committed to your goals and your growth and creating something that’s greater than you. By doing so you will be helping others while helping yourself. Now how RICH is that!❤️

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