Building stronger content for a marketing.

How To Come Up With Content And Products For Online Marketing

When your business revolves around a certain type of product, or service you need a strategy to make sure that your content does it job to market it the right way. But how do you make this happen?

You can create a freebie, an eBook, blog, a masterclass, a course or a members only monthly subscription.⁣

These are the basis of content building for your social media and more. Everything will be mainly built around these topics and platforms, especially when dealing with your online presence. 

Now it’s time for you to do this for your own business.

Step 1. Break out the pen and paper or your Rich Girl Code notebook.⁣

Step 2. Write your brand name in the middle and circle it.

Step 3. Now write down the top 5 areas you want to talk about in your business. 

For example if you’re teaching about beauty your core topics could be:

*Getting Started⁣ In The Beauty Industry
*How To Get and Keep Clients⁣
*Using Social Media For Your Business ⁣
*How To Build A Successful Beauty Salon⁣
*How To Stand Out From The Competition

All of your content should come back to one of these topics.⁣

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